Pet frozen food

Should I Feed My Pet Snacks?

In today’s culture, keeping pet dogs has become commonplace, many people have joined these ranks, and also progressively started to have a lot of needs for the food that animals eat. Therefore, a couple of years ago, an animal food technology motion was launched in Europe and also America (mainly in the North American market) for “nutrition”. Numerous pet food brand names launched their super high-end freeze-dried staple food collection. Why can freeze-dried food be sought after by numerous individuals? What are the benefits of freeze-dried food?

Allow’s initial to recognize what freeze-drying is! Freeze-dried food is additionally called vacuum cleaner freeze-dried food as well as FD food. In the 1960s, NASA made use of food produced by freeze-drying technology as area food for astronauts for the very first time, so freeze-dried food is additionally called aerospace freeze-dried food. Freeze-drying refers to the procedure of freezing and also drying out fresh meat, fruits, veggies, and other food materials in a vacuum cleaner environment. The entire freeze-drying process is performed at a reduced temperature, as well as the water in the frozen food will not merge water, yet straight sublimate into gas and also leave the food.

Freeze-dried foods consumed by humans are very common, such as freeze-dried beef cubes and freeze-dried egg dices in immediate noodle spices bundles, in addition to freeze-dried fruits, freeze-dried noodles, freeze-dried porridge, etc. that have been prominent in the last few years. The freeze-drying modern technology made use of in animal freeze-dried food is essentially the same, but generally pure all-natural animals and also poultry liver, fish and shrimp, fruits, vegetables, and so on are made use of as basic materials. For example, Liangyan’s freeze-dried salmon and hen are imported from the fresh deep sea. Salmon and high-quality hen breasts, without any ingredients such as food attractants and chemicals, are oil-free and salt-free, making them suitable all-natural animal foods.

Pet frozen food
Pet frozen food

What are the benefits of freeze-dried food?

1. Nutrition full score

Although there allow distinctions between different freeze-dried family pet food brands in regards to components, quality, manufacturing procedure, finished type, as well as dietary ratio, they all have a usual feature of ample nourishment, which is mainly shown up in not only animal healthy protein as well as fat sources Top quality, and also typically high material, extremely ideal for some cats as well as pet dogs with the weak tummy. Some pet cats and also pets have actually never been fed raw food, and also have actually not even been exposed to freeze-dried treats. If they eat raw food directly, they are prone to unfavorable responses. At this time, cats, as well as dogs, will start with freeze-dried food, such as meat Beginning with a hen that is softer and easier to absorb.

2. Super high palatability

Freeze-dried pet dog food has high palatability for many pets. This is because of the freeze-drying process, which can maintain the structure of the ingredients unchanged and also properly lock the aroma and preference of the active ingredients. As a result, pet cats and also canines can not only taste abundant fleshy and also smooth meat, yet likewise scent the meat. If it is rehydrated as well as brought back, you can delight in the nutrition and also deliciousness of raw food.

3. Hygiene and safety and security

Although freeze-dried pet dog food has lots of types, including meat pie, meat lumps, corn grains, as well as much more powdery types, it can be considered real material contrasted to puffed grains similar to “tiny biscuits” noticeable. Especially after rehydration, the raw material make-up is lowered, whether the fresh meat is a meat dish, it will be clear at the first saturate.