pet dry food

How To Store Pet Food–Dry Food

If you have an animal, you have to fret about consuming it. You need to get food or make it yourself. After you buy it, the trouble will emerge. How to wait?

What are the attributes of completely dry food?


Really completely dry.

So the main points of completely dry food preservation are:


Separate the air.

This problem is extra major for trainees in the south, but it can not be neglected for pupils in the north (think of whether the biscuit seeds are easy to restore anywhere, the same applies to completely dry food)!

When the completely dry food is opened, it will be subjected to the air and the water vapor consisted in the air, as well as microorganisms, dust, and various other variables that are difficult to manage.

The cash was additionally spent when acquiring food. If you do not wait well, you might have to spend on medical expenditures even if the cash is invested in vain, as well as it might also eliminate your kid!

Also, lots of nutrients, such as unsaturated fats that are added to numerous completely dry foods, are extremely delicate active ingredients. When you open the bag as well as hum, they will comply with the air in your vocal singing …

How to do?

pet dry food
pet dry food

① The dry food can be kept in open bags for as much as 6 weeks, so don’t buy also huge bags.

② Buy the one with the most recent service life.

③ Don’t put the dry food out of the bag for product packaging and storage.

i. There is a lot of helpful details on the completely dry food bag, such as manufacturing date, shelf life, active ingredients, etc.
ii. Dry food bags are the very best storage space tool assured by the supplier (isolate air, protect against other contamination, etc.).
iii. Avoid contamination of other containers (Inappropriate storage of completely dry food will certainly create oil to flee …).

④ After opening up the dry food each time, it is best to eject the air, and after that seal, the opening with phoenix az clips, securing clips, etc., as well as put it in a completely dry, reduced temperature (below 38 ° C), dark (straight sunshine can also cause the dry food to deteriorate!) A place to conserve.

⑤ Do not place it directly right into the refrigerator, since the fridge has high humidity.

⑥ When storing with the outer bag in the storage space box, you can make use of food-grade desiccant (the most typically used is silica) and deoxidizer (usually, iron powder) to aid storage.

⑦ Avoid contamination when taking dry food (for example, don’t go down to take the food when your hands are wet and filthy, using gloves is fantastic); after taking it, put it away immediately to avoid secondary contamination.

What, do you have to subpackage?

all right after that.

① Use food-grade vacuum bags (aluminum foil bags have the very best sealability, complied with by polyester bags) for sub-packaging (do not recycle), and also self-sealing small-volume packaging is relatively better.

② Squeeze out the air by hand after sub-packaging (of course, a vacuum cleaner machine is the finest). The bag without a self-sealing design can be secured with sealing equipment or a straight hair splint.

③ Shop in a low-temperature, completely dry, nontransparent food cabinet or storage container, and make use of desiccant and deoxidizer to assist storage.

④ For bags without self-sealing design, squeeze out air every single time after opening up as well as use and secure them with food securing clips.