Eleaf Mini iStick

Everything You Need to Know About the Eleaf Mini IStick Mod Kit

The new Eleaf Mini Juice System is probably one of the most revolutionary products in the electronic cigarette industry. It is unlike anything that has come before it. Let’s take a look at how this product sets apart from the competition.

eleaf mini istick

The biggest feature of the Eleaf mini iStick is its ability to use two batteries instead of just one. Most vaporizers require you to replace your battery when it gets low, but the iStick can handle two at a time. This is because the built in rechargeable battery is built in to the heating element of the machine. This is done electronically and gives the user a longer life span. There is also an adjustable voltage control that allows you to adjust the power of the heater accordingly. So if you want a stronger heat than normal you simply turn up the power setting on your machine.

The Eleaf mini iStick comes in two forms. The first is the standard version, which is a compact two.1 inches by 52mm electronic smoking appliances. This is about half the size of some of the other models available. While it is small, it packs a punch because of the powerful heater. The temperature control is great and the built in atomizer ensures that your electronic cigarettes deliver a great tasting hit.

The second version of the eleaf mini istick 10w, also a compact two.1 inches by 52mm units. The biggest change is the power source, which is a variable voltage battery. This adds a lot more convenience over the standard type, because you no longer have to use an electrical outlet. Instead the unit plugs into an electrical outlet and comes with an LED screen showing your charge level.

With the ability to turn your iStick into a vaporizer, the Eleaf took the opportunity to add two newer products to the range – the Vape Mod and the Toner Mod. Both of these devices are vapourisers, but the Toner Mod doubles up as a toner and expander. These are useful for situations where you might need to produce a lot of vapour, but not necessarily an enormous amount. This is perfect for those people whose home lives include the occasional pot of coffee or tea.

Both devices are compatible with the iStick Mini, and both work wonderfully. So if you’re looking for the perfect electronic smoking device for your home, then look no further than the Eleaf iStick mini is tick mod kit. It’s compact, powerful and extremely easy to use. There’s even less hassle with the variable voltage battery option, as this mod doesn’t require you to constantly monitor the battery levels. The price is right, and you will be delighted with the quality of the mod and the enjoyment it will give you every time you light up.