dog food

Dog food

The pet dog food sold on the market can be approximately separated right into 2 classifications, one is commercial food and also the various other is natural food. So initially, allow us to comprehend the difference between natural food well as business food.

dog food
dog food

What is natural pet food?

1. Food-free deposits, such as made rice, wheat bran, and so on. These grain deposits, as a result of their inexpensive and also low cost, are embraced by several industrial grain manufacturers to lower prices.

2. It does not include meat meals and also bone dishes. It is a substance made from crushed as well as coarsely ground bones. It is made use of as plant fertilizer and pet feed. The rate is cheap. If the marketed protein of pet food has a lot of such bone meal, it may It will certainly make it tough for pet dogs to digest as well as supply appropriate nutrition.

3. It does not contain waste oil from restaurants (frequently referred to as ground-ditch-oil), or various other oil as well as other things that are not edible by human beings, which is certainly non-natural and also damaging!

4. It does not contain oxidants (synthetic chemicals) to stop fat from weakening. It is a hazardous compound that can be contributed to food to maintain the food “damp” (I don’t recognize the original English as reported by others). Emulsifiers, artificial shades, as well as fragrances that stop oil-water separation might trigger cancer or cause significant injury to pets.

5. Does not contain sweeteners. Such as syrup and also sucrose are typically made use of to enhance the taste of mediocre pet dog food. This may create health issues such as diabetes mellitus.

6. It is normally made up of fresh meat (chicken, lamb, duck, etc.), untreated entire shells (wild rice, oats), vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, and so on), and also various other food materials.

Among the above standards, Write-up 2, as a result of storage space factors, nearly all completely dry family pet food manufacturing facilities on the planet usage fish dish and also meat meals rather than fresh meat for handling. The distinction is whether these fish meal and meat dish are human food grade or feed grade, or utilized to make fertilizer. Short article 6 Regarding entire shell items, each product has a various formula structure. Entire shell products can be used, rice, millet, or flour can likewise be made use of. If it is except the superb squashing process, covering products are difficult to soak up and digest by family pets. Health food belongs to non-4D food (4D manufacturing refers to Passed away as dead, Infected as sick, Dying is passing away, Disabled).
It can be identified by looking at the nutritional content on the back of the canine food bag to contrast the above.

Simply talking, the distinction between health food and commercial food is that natural food does not contain animal by-products and “4D”. There is no best dog food in the world, there is only one dog food that is most suitable for your dog.

What is suitable for a baby dog?

For example, if your baby has a bad stomach, choose a dog food that regulates the stomach.

If your baby’s coat color is not good, choose a dog food that focuses on nutrition.

If your baby is a picky eater, choose one with good palatability.

If your baby is fat, you should choose a light weight-loss food such as chicken rice dog food (there are many domestically produced, and imported ones seem to be only sold in Champions League dog food).

And the taste of dog food can also be changed according to the season and stage.

Puppies can eat formulas that promote growth, while adult dogs pay more attention to nutrition … Similar to this, then decide which dog food to choose.

How to judge whether the dog food you are eating is suitable for your baby?

It can be based on whether there are tear marks, whether it is serious or not.

Whether the poop is shaped, not smelly, and whether the color is normal.

Whether there is bad breath.

Is it absorbed? If you have a lot of poop, it means that the absorption is not good (you can expect to absorb as much as you eat. If you don’t believe it, you can try feeding the same weight and volume of nutritious dog food and steamed buns, and see the results. Because steamed buns are basically nutritious, the absorption can be ignored ).

The coat is bright or not. And so on