yellow dog

Cute Puppy

There is a rowdy and also cute pup in my family.
The pup has gold hair, round eyes, and a set of ears, listening to all dubious noises around him. The puppy still has a pair of sharp claws, as well as the tail is so high that it looks really conceited. Pups are likewise very tough. As long as they hear or see something, they will appear an “sharp” and be ready to “battle”.
My puppy is not just rowdy, however also really musical.
One day, when I was still, I had nothing to do, so I played songs. Suddenly, the pup quit chewing on the bone after hearing it, as well as instantly strolled to the tape recorder. I guess that the pup might have discovered that the songs came from the recorder! The young puppy bowed down next to the recorder, paying attention to the songs, and also wagging its tail over to the rhythm of the songs. It was like a little music. House is performing the band …

yellow dog
yellow dog

Puppies enjoy to eat cookies. I take this chance to catch the young puppy as a fish. I initially obtained a slim bamboo, and then connected a string to the various other end of the bamboo, and then connected a milk garland biscuit to the other end of the rope to make a “fish pole”. I shook the biscuit over and also dazzled the young puppy. Unexpectedly, I stopped drinking and hung the biscuit before the puppy. The young puppy promptly slowed down as well as caught the biscuit. I moved the biscuit behind the puppy again. Let it fly away. By doing this, it lasted for a number of minutes. The young puppy made believe to “pull back,” as well as I immediately relaxed my guard. Who knew the puppy swiftly turned around and also bit the biscuit. The good news is, I reacted quickly and the young puppy only attacked the string. I wanted to pull back the line, so I pulled it hard, but the more difficult I was, the tighter the young puppy drew, as well as I thought to myself: It appears that I can not assault by force, but only outsmart. I quit the “offensive”. The young puppy believed I had actually surrendered, so he prepared to appreciate the biscuits. I took this possibility and pulled tough and also the biscuits returned to my hands …
This is my mischievous pup, do you like it?